Our Community

Our Community

ABWD’s Sistahs in Dentistry is a community where black women dentists and dental students in the wonderful field of dentistry can come together to support, uplift and celebrate each other. We recognize that as double minorities in the field we share unique experiences and through those experiences we are made stronger. 

We want to prove that we can work together, despite societal beliefs that we can not. We are educated, strong, role models and forces to be reckoned with, perfect in our skin and we should celebrate that. As a community we want to encourage those interested in the dental field through mentor-ship and education. 

Our hope is that we can grow as professionals, as associates and as business owners. We are in control of our own destiny.

The more black female dentists unite, the more we help each other become successful.

All of us completed the task of achieving our degrees and training in dentistry through our intense desire and conscientious work ethic. 

We want to work together to be the best dentists we can be, as well as to provide the best dentistry available for our patients. We control our destiny and offer our patients the best in dental services and oral health.